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Fight fat and support a healthy weight with 2 gummies a day.

The sweet taste of successful weight loss can be yours…with a little help from these tasty, sugar-free* gummies.

*Not a low-calorie food


The Only Nootropic You Will Need

The insults that most of us have endured to our cognitive abilities (memory, reasoning, focus, etc.) are so pervasive that we just adapt to them, believing there is nothing that can be done. The truth is there is a lot you can do to revitalize the healthy youthful structure and function of your cognitive abilities. The best place to start is with our broad spectrum COGNITRUE™ product, designed just for you. Know what it’s like to think and remember with the natural faculties with which you were born and were meant to have throughout all the stages of your life.

COGNITRUE™ is a plant based Ayurvedic nootropic developed in response to a gap in the health food market for a product to bring hope to individuals with mild memory loss associated with aging. Our unique COGNITRUE™ nutraceutical formulation contains standardized (guaranteed potency) herbal extracts that are uniquely effective individually and synergistically to improve mental functions.

Maintaining mental sharpness is a growing goal for all of us, no matter our age. Our population is now experiencing health issues with cognitive function. COGNITRUE™ supports mental energy no matter one’s age: from Gen Z and Millennial through Baby Boomer and to the golden years, with no worries about having jitters or the ups and downs of caffeine.


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Our gummies can help you to reach your ideal healthy weight!

Our new Gummy Science™ Mediterranean Weight Management gummies target fat cells to help you reach your goal weight—and feel better about how you fit in your clothes.

Why should you use our new Mediterranean Weight Management gummies?

The whole-body-healthy Mediterranean diet focuses on a higher intake of herbs and spices; lots of veggies, whole grains, nuts and legumes; and of course nutrient-packed fruits such as oranges and other citrus. And while we cannot bottle the healthy benefits of an entire diet plan into a single supplement, we can take inspiration from it: that’s how we came up with Gummy Science™ Mediterranean Weight Management gummies!

Moro red oranges reduce fat to help you reach your ideal healthy weight 

What we call “fat” is a type of cell, similar to all the other cells in your body. A fat cell is called an adipocyte, and its primary job harkens back to the days when food scarcity was a problem for most humans: it stores fuel from the food you eat in case you run out of calories to consume.

Fortunately, running out of food is rarely a problem for most of us—which means we end up stockpiling more fat than we’d prefer…especially around our waists.

Our gummies are made using an extract derived from Moro red oranges—a kind of blood orange with a deep red color due to the high level of anthocyanins found in it. In pre-clinical studies, these blood oranges reduced fat accumulation as well as fat cell size. And not just a little: These studies found a nearly 50% reduction in abdominal fat mass, along with reduced fat cell size.1

Moro orange extract and clinical studies

To mimic the results of the pre-clinical studies above, you’d need to get your hands on fresh-squeezed Moro blood orange juice, which is not only hard to do, but orange juice is pretty high in calories. Our new gummies are a much easier and more sensible solution—and come with effective clinical research of their own. Our gummies contain a patented extract of Moro blood oranges that has been clinically studied to help reduce hip and waist circumference in both long and short-term studies.

In one study, 60 overweight volunteers took 400 mg of Moro blood orange extract once a day for twelve weeks. There were no changes to either their 1,500-2,000 calorie-a-day diets or their exercise routines—but there was a change in their waistlines: those taking Moro blood orange extract lost 7 centimeters off their waists and nearly 6 centimeters off their hips —significantly more than the placebo group.2

Long term healthy weight loss

The key to healthy weight management isn’t just reducing the number value you see when you step on a scale. Healthy weight loss takes time, and moro blood orange extract shows great promise there as well. In a randomized, double-blind study over 100 volunteers took Moro blood orange extract for six months, combined with a reduced-calorie diet and 30 minutes of walking, three times a week.

Not only did the Moro blood orange group lose significant weight at four months compared to the placebo group, but at six months they’d done even better: losing fat (especially abdominal fat) without losing lean muscle mass. They also recorded reduced waistlines.3

Successfully reduce visceral fat

Moro blood orange extract also helps reduce visceral as well as subcutaneous fat.3 Visceral fat is the fat that wraps around your abdominal organs deep inside your body. It differs from what we typically think of as belly fat (called subcutaneous fat because it lies just underneath the skin) because it’s behind your abdominal wall.

And while no one wants excess fat in either place, visceral fat is concerning because it can affect arterial health and blood sugar management.4

No added sugar blueberry-flavored gummies

Many gummy supplements contain extra sugar to make them taste good. But adding sugar would defeat the point of a formula designed to help you achieve a healthy weight! So our Gummy Science™ Mediterranean Weight Management has no added sugar. It’s also vegetarian, gluten-free and contains no genetically modified ingredients.

*Not a low-calorie food

Gluten free Non-GMO Sugar free* Vegetarian
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