Our Culture

Café Doc’s team is committed to sharing scientific information with our customers and their health care providers about products that support a healthy lifestyle. We believe that every individual should accept responsibility for their own health experience and become informed on the content of the products they consume. This includes reading product labels to determine whether the listed content aligns with the optimum available ingredients and with the seller’s description.

‘Walking the walk’ means Café Doc brings the highest standard of quality in the products we provide. We call this ‘exceeding expectations.’ Our suppliers know we have this expectation from them as well. By questioning and verifying every level of the supply chain, we maintain this standard of expectation in the products we source for you.

You cannot control how the rest of the world behaves, but you are in charge of ‘you.’ Your body and your mind deserve the very best support available in structure and in function. We’re here to help you achieve that goal regardless of the health problems you have dealt with up until now.

To fully support you and us in that effort, we will share with you our health choices and changes in our blog and invite you to share your experiences with us.