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Our Culture

Café Doc was founded with two guiding principles: supporting and encouraging our customers to become responsibly educated about the products they consume; and, ‘walking-the-walk’ by sharing our own experiences that include the hard choices we have made that have led to a more healthful diet and lifestyle. To fully support you and us in that effort, we will share with you our health choices and changes in our newsletter and blog and invite you to share your experiences with us.

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Welcome to Cafe Doc

Your one stop shop for your health and wellness needs! We provide quality products with your health in mind. We pride ourselves on making sure anyone can have access to health supplements that will encourage and support your wellness. We do this by making it easier for you to purchase our top-quality herbal supplements with our New Customer Discount Coupon, CAFEDOC2020, which will discount all of our Cafe Doc Life Extension products 20% at checkout.  We also have monthly specials offering up to 35% off selected products.

We support you in your goals for optimal health and wellness to attain equilibrium in body, mind, emotions and spirit. Critical areas of support include immune function, digestion support, sleep management, bone health, brain health to support cognition and neural function and many supports for overall healthy aging.

We will not only will help you to gain access to natural health supporting products, but we will share health information with you about what it means to live a health-conscious life. We encourage you to dive into our site and learn about what quality health supplements and products can do for you.

If you are looking for a natural way to care for your skin, we recommend our cosmeceuticals. Everything is sourced from the highest quality ingredients, with extensive product development, humanely done without testing on animals. We know feeling good on the outside is important too. That’s why we have a skin care solution to meet your specific needs.

Our experience

We have in-depth experience in sourcing health and wellness products.

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