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Our sustainability/water page was created to point to the overall scarcity of water on the planet as well as the lack of clean drinking water for most of the earth’s population. Some of us are in the privileged minority who can turn on a tap and have clean drinking water. But many of us are faced with having to use drinking water laden with heavy metals, other toxins, viruses and other contaminants. We wish to draw awareness to the fact that 2.2 Billion people lack safely managed drinking water. Thus, as a newly founded e-commerce small business, the Café Doc team wish to state that working toward reaching Sustainable Goals, including providing clean air and water for all our fellow beings on the planet, is a founding principle of our company. We support the UN Sustainable Development Goals: to ensure healthy lives and promote well-being for all; increase water-use efficiency and improve water quality by reducing pollution, reduce waste generation by using recyclable manufacturing and shipping materials, take action to combat climate change, and grow with sustainable agriculture ( We source our products to include organic (non-GMO) and support companies that follow the principle of growing with sustainable agriculture.

When we asked Mike Rivera at i4 Solutions to create our artwork for the Sustainable page, we suggested that he convey the need for preservation of our sacred land, and to sustain the sources we have (for now).  We chose sacred areas of New Mexico, but we know the need for this kind of preservation is needed in other areas that are just as beautiful and sacred as these. We feel he did a beautiful job of depicting the Rio Grande, Chaco Canyon, and red-rock petroglyphs; all areas that need protection. This art was created to be a gentle, yet poignant reminder for us to all do our part to protect and preserve our planet: and to share our resources when we can. We may only be able to do a little, but we can all be mindful. Thus, we are inviting you to submit your personal stories of the journey you may now be taking toward achieving sustainability; as well as videos, papers, journal articles, books (and chapters) to share with others as we work together to achieve clean air and water for all.

Electronic submissions can be sent to:

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