Breast Health Formula, 60 capsules


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Powerful nutrients to maintain optimal breast health

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Our Breast Health Formula is a broad-spectrum formula that contains powerful nutrients to help support healthy estrogen activity and detoxification to preserve women’s breast health.

Women are taking proactive steps, now more than ever, to support breast health. Breast Health Formula encourages proactive support of youthful hormonal balance. Utilizing essential compounds, vitamins and extracts to help promote cellular health, this phytonutrient-based formula helps support healthy estrogen balance, too.

This phytonutrient-based formula helps support healthy estrogen balance & promotes healthy DNA for better breast health.

Breast Health Formula Benefits

  • Helps maintain optimal breast health
  • Supports youthful hormone balance
  • Encourages healthy estrogen balance
  • Contains several botanical extracts to support healthy DNA

What is the health benefit of flaxseed lignans?

Flaxseed lignans boost levels of beneficial enterolactone, a compound that functions like estrogen and favorably maintains estrogen metabolism.

Why did we add I3C (indole-3-carbinol)?

I3C (indole-3-carbinol) promotes healthy estrogen metabolism and promotes liver enzymes that help inhibit estrogen metabolites and xenoestrogens

Phytonutrient-Based Botanical Formula for Breast Health Support

Optimize your breast health today with our powerful botanical formula. This formula’s active ingredients include phytoestrogens, flaxseed lignans, cruciferous vegetable extracts, calcium d-Glucarate and vitamin D working together to help support estrogen balance and healthy DNA to maintain overall optimal breast health.

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